Aluminum SUV is a reality?

At the end of this year, a new car model – a pickup F -150 from the Ford company will go on sale in the United States of America. It would seem that the news that the sale of new cars begins in some country is difficult to surprise someone, but this news definitely deserves attention, because this American manufacturer proposed a revolutionary solution in the segment of high-crossed cars-a completely aluminum body.

Despite the fact that aluminum is a more expensive material in comparison with the steel from which the body of previous generations of the model was made, the new pickup will not be sold at a higher price, but will remain in the same price range. The cost of such a car in the United States varies from 24 thousand dollars per model in the base version up to 50 thousand dollars for top -end set.

It is still difficult for experts to calculate how expensive the production of a car with an aluminum body will become, since there are different varieties of this material, as well as different types of steel. The manufacturer has not yet advertised information on this subject. However, according to Pete Reyes, the main engineer who worked on the creation of a F-150 pickupa, the company plans to reduce costs through the use of aluminum in the production of aluminum.

I must say that nevertheless, steel elements will remain in the design of the car, in particular, the pickup frame will still be made of high-strength steel. The connection of different types of metal in the design of the car, according to the manufacturer, will make the machine even more passable and hard compared to the current version.

Also, according to representatives of the American Ford car manufacturer, their new model, in which such important technical innovations are implemented, will not differ from the previous versions in their consumer qualities. The representative of the manufacturer even said that the prototype of the model was provided for use by several companies from the mining and construction, which used the car for two years, not even knowing that its body was made of aluminum. So, according to the representative of Ford, no one even noticed the difference.

And we just have to wait for the first reviews of real owners of the F -150 model and the time when it will be possible to buy a car of this model in our country. It is very interesting to see what this car is in the case.

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