Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bashkiria Will Make Illegal Cab Drivers to Register Officially.

Prosecutor’s Office in Bashkiria Will Make Illegal Cab Drivers to Register Officially

Public Prosecutor’s Office of Buzdyaksky Region Demanded to Fine Six Private Entrepreneurs and One Company of a Service Cab, Working not According to the Law.

Bashkiria’s Prosecutor’s Office Has Begun Investigating Cab Drivers After a Case in the Arkhangelsk Region in Which Seven People Cilled Wolkswagen Caravelle (Minivan) and Minivan). Inspection, According to the Legislation on Road Safety in Passenger Transport Revealed a Large Number of Violations Among The Service Cabe.

Violations Consisted in the Lack of Information in the Cars of the Cab of Drivers of Buzyada Distrib). Not Informing Passengers of this Information May Make Carriers Liable for Low-Quality Service.

ALSO, The CARS of ILLEGAL CAB Services Were Not Equipped with A Light Signal and DistINuctive DRAWINGS, The ENTREPRENEURS DID Registers in Order Not to Pay Taxes.

According to these Facts, The District Prosecutor’s Office Opened Six Cases Under the Article “Violation of TransPortation of Passengers and Luggage BY PASSENGER CAB. The Total Fine Amounted To 70 Thousand Rubles.

Now the proceCutor’s office reports That the Entrepreneurs have Corrected All the Violations. The district prosecutor ordered the head of the district police department to correct violations of the law in the field of passenger transport, as the territorial department of the traffic police does not properly control this sphere.

Recently in Bashkortistan There Was Aimed AT Suppressing Illegal Cab Drivers Working Without Official Permission. The RAID Was Conducched by Officers of the Road Traffic Safeth Safety Inspectrate, Officers of the Department for Combation Economic Crimes and Activists of the “United Russia” Party. Such A Raid Has Been Arranged after the Increasing Number of Traffic Accidents Involving Illegal Taxi Drivers.

The Drivers Who Didn ‘Observial The Law, Were Brous to Responsiboly. It is Necessary to Control this sphere permanently, as a Great Number of PEOPLE USE CAB Services All the Time.

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