At night it will be allowed to violate.

At night it will be allowed to violate

Recently, the newly accepted toughened rules of the road, deputies are already offering to soften. From a large number of Moscow roads, a whole strip for buses was cut off and immediately gave permission to ride them on weekends, roads at this time and so free. Recently, they raised fines to 3,000 rubles for lovers of parking incorrectly in Moscow, and immediately for consideration to the State Duma issued a draft law that cancels the action limiting the parking and parking of signs at night.

This project was developed by LDPR deputy Yaroslav Nilov with his colleagues. It is assumed that the bill will be considered before the summer holidays of parliamentarians will.

The bill states that from 23:00 to 7:00 in the morning, on holidays and weekends it is allowed to allow parking and stopping under prohibiting signs, since cars do not interfere with the movement of public transport, which does not walk at night. A ban on parking in the roadway in the second row, as well as on tram tracks and sidewalks, has been preserved.

“We propose to make changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses, which will allow you not to fine drivers for parking of their vehicles at night (from 23:00 to 07:00) in the wrong place, as well as on holidays and weekends. Naturally, in everyday life, parking creates additional obstacles, due to which unpleasant traffic jams are formed, but at night it does not bother anyone, ”says the author of the bill Yaroslav Nilov.

According to Viktor Travin, President of the Board of Legal Protection, this bill will not bring significant benefits: “Why should I park at night“ under signs ”, if at this time you can easily find a parking place for myself and without violating the law? This is an insignificant proposal “.

“I do not see a systematic approach in Moscow to solve problems with parking, only some one-time promotions. It seems that all this is carried out without taking into account the opinions of the traffic police, the car owners themselves and others. There must be an individual approach to solve each problem; There should be not chaotic bills, but a whole system. But even such, although ridiculous attempts to change the road situation for the better, make it clear to us that some influence is possible on deputies, and this is very pleasing, ”Autonews said Travin to the correspondent.

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