Favorable purchase of the best small -tonnage car

For the effective movement of goods and values, the operational delivery of materials or the transportation of finished products through sales channels, each entrepreneur or company needs reliable freight transport. Among the low -tonnage vehicles, a model of a domestic automaker is distinguished: Gazelle “Next”. The novelty of 2011 quickly liked the motorists, adequately supporting the status of a “folk” brand manufacturer of vehicles and freight vehicles.

You can quickly buy a Gazelle Nekst in Nizhny Novgorod in our auto center. The manufacturer has seriously worked on the design features of the car, which was displayed in an increase in its practicality and general reliability. Gas has paid much attention to security issues, as well as the quality of the power unit. The new Gazelle is characterized by the following requirements for warranty and current maintenance:

The period of the recommended planned technical inspection is 20 thousand. km;

A full guarantee for a car is 150,000 km of run (3 years of operation);

the number of nodes and assemblies that do not require attention during operation was reduced;

The enlarged radiator grille provides reliable operation of the cooling system and in many cases avoids overheating of the engine;

Increased brake system power reduces the time and length of braking.

Modern constructive solutions are successfully supplemented by the functional features of cars already in the basic configuration. For example, windows, glass heater and central castle are the usual need for a modern day. Car carpet of the car is wide and spacious. Similar characteristics allowed NEXT models to become a faithful assistant for doing business. It is not surprising why the announcements of Gazelle Nekst will buy regularly novice entrepreneurs regularly.

It is profitable to purchase a gazelle of NECT of the necessary modification for any purpose in our auto center. We are an official dealer of the manufacturer, which always guarantees profitable prices. For buyers, there is a variety of credit and leasing programs with the possibility of drawing up a flexible payment schedule. The insurance protection program is valid. Buying a Gazelle Next in our auto center is the best solution to professionals. Who value the best conditions, quality and practicality.

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