Hot summer is waiting for drivers.

Hot summer is waiting for drivers

The State Duma, which took the crazy pace of the adoption of laws that punish everyone and everything, intends to “make” drivers of vehicles with new amendments to tighten responsibility for violation of traffic rules in this spring session in this spring session. The first reading of the volumetric package of amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, including the so -called car, the chapter 12 of the Code, was successful. As practice shows, the second and third usually passes as rapidly and with the same positive result.

Amendments that tighten responsibility are made to almost every article 12 of the chapter. And many of them can really radically change the relationship of motorists and the state. Judge for yourself. In particular, the deputy Lysakov offers not to melted with an increase in the amount of the penalties, but to increase them at times: the minimum fine is five times, and the maximum at once by ten. This means that a fine for violation of the rules of the road in the amount of 50 thousand rubles may be a real event in the life of every motorist.

In addition, the deputies believe that the Administrative Code clearly lacks such a thing as “repeated violation”. If within 12 months the motorist will violate the same paragraph of the Rules several times (for example, there are no jack or first -aid kit), then the amount of the fine will increase as much as the number of violations will be committed.

Well, the most important thing. Deputies propose to introduce a ball of punishment for traffic violations. But not instead of fines, but with them. Paid a fine of 100 rubles, get 1 point in the accounting card. Self scored 200 points, say goodbye for the year. It seems to be logical from the point of view of deputies, but still, not democratically and “not legal”. You cannot be punished twice for the same violation. This contradicts all the legal norms of our country.

It is especially unpleasant that many amendments will come into force from the moment of their approval and will begin to act simultaneously with the beginning of the summer vacation period. It is not difficult to imagine how many motorists will expect unpleasant surprises on the roads. After all, to get acquainted with the new rules, and even more so to get used to them of time.

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