In Russia, sales of an electric car Mitsubishi I-MIEV have started.

In Russia, sales of an electric car Mitsubishi I-MIEV have started

In Russia, sales of an electric car Mitsubishi I-MIEV have started. The presentation was held in the Skolkovo business school. The power of its engine is 63 liters.With., The electric car is charged from the electric network. The battery is enough for 8 hours of work and 150 km of the perfect path, RIA-News reports.

Initially, the electric car will be sold in Moscow, its cost is 1,799,000 rubles. Distributors argue that such a high price will be justified by economical operation: 1 kW of electricity costs at times less than 1 liter of gasoline. It is assumed that after Russia adopted a state program for stimulating and developing the electric vehicle market, the cost of Mitsubishi I-MIEV can decrease to 200,000 rubles.

Rolf-Import experts are convinced that the driver of the electric car must have a completely new consciousness that differs from typical for motorists. Andrey Pankov, Chief Executive Director, advises to relate to an electric car as a laptop or a cell phone. According to him, the battery charge is quite enough on the way to the office and vice versa, which can be charged from a simple outlet.

There are questions about the charging of the battery if its charge was depleted in the place where there is no power grid. Or about night exercises, if the driver lives on the 17th floor. It is just right to apply for the service rental service . The technology of the charge of the battery of electric vehicles in residential complexes is under development, but according to the head of the project for electric vehicles Denis Tsypulev, the development is almost completed and will be provided in the very near future.

By the end of the year, the construction of only 28 terminals express electric vehicles is planned. They will be located at gas stations, in multi -level parking lots and shopping centers of the capital. Power engineers will contribute and install high tariffs for electricity on terminals.

This year it is planned to sell 40 electric vehicles. Model of the presented electric car is more likely. In the purchase of it, large companies are interested in the purpose of PR and lovers of unusual equipment. If the government does not deal with the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles, then the model is unlikely to become mass.

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