In the spring of next year, sales of Acura cars begin.

In the spring of next year, sales of Acura cars begin

Now Acura cars will start in Russia and Ukraine. Medium -sized MDX sales and compact RDX will begin in the spring of the coming year. After that, the lineup expansion is expected by the line of sedans.

It must be said that Acura is the third premium brand of Japan, which has already appeared in Russia. However, this happens with a great delay, because brands such as Infiniti and Lexus have already gained gain in their places. That is why Acura will have to invest a lot of effort to attract customers (you need to recall that Acura is part of Honda). As a rule, this is what caused the trading of these cars at the initial stage only three dealers: 2 in Moscow and 1 in St. Petersburg. As for Ukraine, there are 4 dealers to sell Acura cars there. The cost of Acura MDX and RDX is not known to anyone. That is why it is too early to talk about the market perspective of the company.

It is worth saying that only in the spring of this year, Acura MDX was presented at a car dealership in New York. If we talk about the technical characteristics of the machine, then it has an I-VTEC gasoline engine with a volume of 3.5 liters and 6 cylinders. This motor has a power of 310 liters.With. and torque 368 N ∙ m. As for the transmission, the Acura MDX is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Engines have a direct injection system and a system of cylinders of VCM. Thanks to this, gasoline consumption is significantly reduced.

In addition, this model for the first time in history will be made not only of all -wheel drive, but also in the version with the drive on one axis. As for equipping the new Acura MDX, it is quite rich, as well as on all its models. The car is equipped with a generation of the Advanced Compatible Engineering system, a driver to prevent the driver about the danger of a possible collision (FCW), a system for holding a machine in the required strip (LDW), a wide -angle rear view camera, as well as an Acuralink multimedia system.

In our country, cars such as Cadillac SRX, Lexus RX, as well as Infiniti FX will become potential competitors for the new Acura MDX.

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