Installation of auto -signaling in Moscow with Autotulz!

Each experienced driver is familiar with the indisputable truth: it is cheaper to buy and install a car signaling than to buy a new car after the old one is stolen. We confirm her! Autotulz offers you the installation of car alarms with auto-wounding inexpensively on the VAZ and Ford in Moscow, in St. Petersburg and in Yekaterinburg. We sell and install anti -theft systems and auto -signaling pantera. This is one of the most famous brands in the security systems market. Pantera automobile alarms presented by us are specially designed for Russia. Their manufacturer took into account all domestic standards. Rostest Certification of Pantera products.

What is a auto -signaling?

This is a system of electronic devices, the contact between which is ensured by wiring or through radio waves. Standard auto signaling includes the following elements:

– main block;

-antenna (reception and transmission radio signal);

– the impact sensor and others (for example, microwave and ultrasonic motion sensors);

– LED indicator, siren;

– keychain, often – service button.

All elements of car signaling are installed on a car, with the exception of a key fob, which the owner of the car wears. With it, you can program the signaling system, as well as using the service button. The LED indicator helps to determine in what mode car is signaling, the sensors fix hacking and damage to the car. The alarm system controls the main unit with peripheral devices, you control it using a keychain sending radio signals to the block through the antenna.

What gives alarm?

Its main task is to report the fact of unlawful actions to the owner of the car. This happens in two ways – by activating the siren and visual signals, as well as through the pager. In addition, most car system systems allow you to remotely control the central lock of the car, opening and closing the doors by pressing the keychain button. The installation of car signaling with the Pantera auto start gives the driver another opportunity – to remotely start the car engine, as well as ensure its autoronal with any frequency. For example, in winter you will sit in a heated car if you configure the motor for a periodic starting launch with a pair of pressing key buttons! Installation of auto -signaling in Autotulz – the choice of those who value their car!

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