Lada Granta Sport Is the Most Expensive Car of this Model.

Lada Granta Sport Is the Most Expensive Car of this Model

Avtovaz, As You Know, Is the Creator of Cars with the Popular Name Lada.

Recently, this Company Disclosed the Cost of the Most Expensive Car of this Model. Lada Granta Sport is a Machine that Costs a Lot of Money and Has a Lot of Modern Aditional Functions in Its Configuration. Russian Buyers Will Havy to Pay 429 Thousand Rubles for this Model, Inst, Inst, the Promized 400 Thousand Rubles Per Car. Lada Granta Sport Lovers Should Be Notify this Car Will Not Be Sold in All Official Salons. The Honor to Distribute Cars Willow Out of Only Fifty Car Salons Located Through the Russian Federal.

According to Vladislav Nezvankin, Who Is the Head of the Lada Granta Cup Project, It Became Known That Lada Sporta Will Be Sold Very Impress. The Car Will BE Located in A SPECIAL PLACE with A Sports Orientation, Were Each Buyer Will See All the Capabilites of the Car, Apprede Sure of the Saturation of the.

The Very Heart of the Lada Granta Sport Car Was a Gasoline Engine with a Volume of 1.6 Liters and Capacy of 120 Horsepower At 5900 Revolutions per minute, The Moment is 160 N*M at 4500 Revolutions per minute. A Five -Speed Mechanical Gearbox, A Hard Suspension, In Which The Road Clearens Was Reduced by Several Millimeters and the Presence of Disc Bracks on Each.

The Outer Shell of the Car Will Also Leave An Unforgettable Impressions. Outside, The Car Will Seem a Little Aggressive, And in the Meantime The Salon Will Delight with Its Rich Finish: New Chairs and A Steering Wheel Made of Leather. In the configuration is the rubber Yokohama 195/50 and Cast Discs in the Size of 16 Inches.

Already in the Spring of the New 2013, Lada Granta Sport Will Go for Sale in Salons. There was no people Who Wanted to Compete with this car yet. Class B Models with Engine Power From 120 To 140 Horsepower Havy A Greater Cost. An Example is a Three -Door Fiat Punto with A Capacy of 135 Horsepower, A Three -Door Ford Fiesta with A Capacy of 120 Horsepower and Citroen C3 with the Same Engine Power. The First Has the Cost of 685 Thousand Rubles, The Second – 666 Thousand (Such a Car with 5 DOORS COSTS 676 Thousand.), The Third – 668 Thousand 500 Rubles.

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