Lada Kalina. Pros and Cons.

It is Customary to Criticize the Domestic Auto Industry Among Motorists, If Not Frankly, Theen. Somewhere this Approach is Justified. OUR ManUFACTURERS REALLY STILL Cannot Reach The Standards of Western Automakers, But NeverTheless, The Production of Russia Cars Continues and They Are Boubling, Even Despite Such NEGATIVE. Recently, None Other than Vladimir Putin Himself Undertook to Advertise Lada Kalina. And event Along the Way He Gave An Interview to Reporters. Maybe This Was Influence, Maybe Popular Love for EVERYTHING NATIVE, BUT in 2011 Itsame Ales Leader in Russia, and Among New Cars. This Model Began to Be Released Eight Years Ago and Since that Time The Car Was Only Improved. At first dress lada kalina at number 1, Today it is alriedy Release at Number 2. Who Do People Choose this Model?FIRSTLY, The Design is Quite Suitable for An Ordinary Russian Consumer Whos Not Super Bells and Whistles, But Weed a Car for Traveling The City To THE COTTAGE, AND NOT-NOTTAG. And Those Who Boup a New Viburnum 2 Can Read that Purchassed a Quite Decent Car. SO, Hatchbacks and Station Wagons are Alread Being Done. That is, for Any Needs of the Motorist. The Design Is Quite Modern and Attractive. As for the Engine, it can be considered the highlight of the New Viburnum. This is the same Engine that Has Renault. It is Important, The Salon, Which After All EXTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS, In Theory, WAS SUPPOSED to Decrease REMAINED AS LARGE and Convenent. Only More Modern Technical Filling Appeareded.

From Color Display to Multimedia, with the Possibility of Listening and Viewing Audio and Video Files. There is Also An Air Conditioner with A Climate Control. For a car in its Budget Class Very Worthy. No Worse than Other Prestigious Foreign Cars. Experts and Simply Motorists Unanimously Declare that Kalina Coped with Most Disadantages that Predecessors Sinned. The Model Will Be Very Pleased with Those Whoeed to Carry a Lot of Things in the Car. The Option Can Accommodate a Little Four Hundred Liters of Various Cargo. Up to the Refrigerator and Washing Machine. The Price of A Car Today Is Comparable with a Price of About The Same Foreign Car Class. Competition, Thus, IS HELD HONESSTLY. However, That OUR Cars are not Dying Is the Unreliabyty of Some Nodes and Spare Parts.

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