Mass buying up cars stops in Russia.

Mass buying up cars stops in Russia

Car sales have noticeably decreased in Russia. This is stated in a statistical report on sales of cars published by the Committee of Producers of the European Business Association (AEB).

According to the statistical data of the Committee in the month of March this year, the number of new cars sold in the Russian Federation compared with the same period of 2011 increased by 13%. Sales for 1 quarter of 2012 and compared with the same period last year increased by 19%. According to published data in March 2012, 252.8 thousand new cars and 614.3 cars were sold in the first quarter. According to AEB, in the annual calculus, the Russian market in January grew by 20 %, and in February by 25 %.

Judging by the presented report, the results of sales of models are significantly vary. Premium car sales grew significantly higher than the average growth of cars. So sales of luxury cars Land Rover and Audi increased by 62%and 63%, respectively, Jaguar added 65%, and Porsche in a plus by 76%. At the same time, many manufacturers of budget cars markedly lost their positions in the automotive market of Russia.

Sales of such automobile brands as Honda were most reduced, demand reduced amounted to 26%, 22%less cars were supplied by Daewoo, Suzuki by the minus by 19%, and Mitsubishi worsened, reducing sales by 10%. AvtoVAZ also turned out to be a minus indicator, in the annual calculation, a decrease in sales was 15%. Inexpensive Korean machines, especially Hyundai Solaris, greatly close the popular models of Lada in the ranking of cars sold. And Hyundai Solaris with such a sales pace promises to become the most popular car in our country.

According to the forecasts of the leading analytics of the expert company PWC Stanley Ruta in 2012, the growth of interest rates on car loans and the completion of the program for the disposal of old cars will be affected by the number of cars sold in Russia. The financial instability of the eurozone and a large fluctuation in foreign exchange rates will also have a negative impact on the car market. According to the forecasts of this expert in Russia, no more than 2.3 million cars will be implemented in 2012, the decline will be about 8% of the past year. Analysts of the European Business Association are less categorical, in their opinion, the published indicators indicate the normalization of the automobile market due to the sale of 2011 models and an increase in the supply of 2012.

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