Mida in Chechnya.

“Word” – May in Chechnya

Discussing at a meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov successes in industry and the pace of restoration of the economy of the republic, Minister of Industry and Energy of Chechnya G.Taimaskhanov touched on the topic of the car industry and said that Lada Priora cars would begin to produce cars at the Chechenavto factory. The plans include the production of 50 thousand cars, 5 thousand of which should leave the assembly line this year, while the plant in Togliatti is collecting about 135 thousand Prior per year. The start of production is scheduled for August 23, for the birthday of the former head of Chechnya Akhmad Kadyrov.

It is expected that in the future, production volumes will increase due to the commissioning of spare parts and components for priors.

Recall that negotiations on the beginning of the production of AvtoVAZ in the Caucasian region have been conducted since 2008, but it was possible to reach the final agreement only now, at the meeting of the Minister of Industry and Energy of the Czech Republic of the Czech Republic.Taimashanova and the president of AvtoVAZ and the President of.Komarova.

In addition to the release of Priora, Chechnya is preparing to get her own car. The name of the novelty – Word – from Chechen can be translated as “cart”. Actually, a model developed on the basis of an all -wheel drive Niva 4×4, and was created for the needs of the household. It is planned to make the car as affordable as possible and unpretentious in operation, with minimal fuel consumption.

Negotiations have already been held with the British company producing communal cars, certain agreements on cooperation have been reached. The leadership of the Chechen Republic hopes that the Word will be in demand among the population, and, who knows, perhaps once will compete with leading automobile brands.

The ancestor of the new model can be considered a small pickup, released in 2010 at the Argun factory in Chechnya. As the basis when creating a truck, Vazovskaya Niva was used, as well as a cabin from Gazelle. At the same time, the body itself was not borrowed, but original. Then the Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy with.Rakhmaev did not rule out the likelihood of serial release of a similar model.

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