Photo and video recording of traffic violations are introduced in the suburbs.

Photo and video recording of traffic violations are introduced in the suburbs

For constant violators of traffic rules, unpleasant news- now any violation of the rules will not slip away from photo cameras and video recording.

Cameras are already used on the roads of the Moscow Region and the region, the essence of their work is to automatically determine drivers who are not the first time violated the rules. If the innovation justifies itself, cameras will be used not only in the Moscow region, but on all roads of the Russian Federation.

“Black list” of those drivers who constantly neglect the traffic rules are gradually being created manual mode. Drivers who have a large number of road violations will be among the malicious violators, fines that have not yet been extinguished. An important role will be played by the amount that was not paid for fines. It is this category of drivers that will become “targets” for cameras.

As they say in the Central District Department of the Moscow Region, the cameras will be built-in software connected to the database of driver drivers in the traffic police. For the reason that the base itself is created manually, it is impossible to call it full and perfect, but at the same time it is already suitable for interaction with photo and video chambers.

A year ago, from June 1, 2013, drivers who violated the PPD related to speeding twice in a row, began to deprive the rights for a year. Also, during the year, the driver of the extensioner will not be able to drive the wheel with a twice fixed exit to the oncoming lane. If the prohibited signal of the traffic light was re -made, then a fine of 5 thousand began to deprive rights for six months. rubles. Sanctions are valid only if two identical violations were seen in the framework of one year.

According to Sergei Radko, a lawyer of one of the capital’s movements of motorists, cameras that are already installed on the roads of the Moscow region will not be able to independently determine repeated violators. At the moment, cameras are capable of fixing speed excess, travel to red light, etc.D. Those chambers that are installed now are not adapted to fix repeated violations. They need special software, and its creation is not such a simple task, because without the program itself, to automatically determine the violations of photo and video facilities will not be able to.

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