Repair of Audi Roll hydraulic power steering.

Units such as hydraulic power steering for the AUDI A4 are a hydraulic system aimed at reducing the efforts to drive the car drive. Such nodes are placed on almost all cars. Thanks to this unit, the effects of negative blows during movement on uneven roads are also reduced.The hydraulic wrap, like other nodes, has a resource, which mainly affects how correctly it is operated and served in a timely manner. In addition, it is necessary to check the level of oil from time to time. In such a city as, for example, Moscow, Audi steering wheel, can be checked or repaired in well -proven maintenance stations. Some experts have the opinion that in the hydraulic wage, you need to change the oil in a timely manner, because this unit is quite sensitive to the composition of the oil.

Of course, the frequency of oil change in the unit depends on factors such as operating conditions and its intensity. According to the regulations, it is necessary to change the liquid in the hydraulic wisher upon reaching the mileage of 90 thousand. km. In reality, everything is somewhat severe, this figure is 60 thousand. km. With such a mileage, the liquid is already polluted, and small garbage is noticeable on the filter. Changing the liquid, do not forget to change the filter itself.

When replacing, it is necessary to use only the liquid that the manufacturer advises. In case of such a situation where you need to urgently add oil, you can use a motor, or oil, which is poured into automatic boxes. Before refueling in the liquid unit, the system must be washed. If a malfunction arises with a hydraulic wrap. For example, a drive belt can break. This means that it is necessary to regularly check it. Checking, pay attention to the state of the belt, as well as its stretch. With weak tension, a return in the steering wheel appears. There is also a case of slipping of a drive belt, then it may be possible to apply a special mechanism for its tension. Of course, if there are any serious malfunctions, it is better in this case to contact the service.

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