Replacing a resonator and muffler in a car

In order to replace the resonator and muffler on a car, you need to buy the following tools: a resonator, a resonator gasket, a muffler, a clamp that is between the silencer and the resonator, four bolts along with M8 nuts, which are more than 40 mm, which is more than 40 mm. Winter on the nose is soon, so you should take care of rubber for your car, you can buy Michelin winter rubber, which will provide excellent clutch with the road.

Now let’s move on to the replacement stage, it is worth noting that when unscrewing the bolts that are attached to the receiving pipe, problems of the edges of the nuts can arise often and will problemly grab them with a wrench, then you should use the grinder. It is recommended to immediately cut the bolts with a grinder, since you will spend much more time manually. First, cut off the pipe from the old resonator, which is screwed to the flange. This operation is needed in order to get to the bolts and cut them off, since they are very deepened, because of the pipe you will not be able to get them with a grinder. Be sure to start working with a grinder, dress, protective clothes and welding glasses, so the floor tunnel greatly reflects the light.

After completing the preparatory work, proceed to cutting the bolts that are located from the resonator. Cut it from this side, as you can damage the flange of the receiving pipe. If a muffler with a resonator has a small period of time on your car, then you can weaken the clamp and get the resonator. If you did not disassemble the connection earlier, then simply cut the pipe that stands at the entrance to the muffler with a grinder. The resonator is on two rubber shock absorbers and is fixed in them with special antennae, remove the resonator after you have bent the antennae. After removing the resonator, you can proceed to the removal of the muffler, it is suspended in the tape, and the tape is placed in a rubber shock absorber. On the tape, specifically on the suspension node, there is a bent a mustache from the wheel side, you need to bend the antennae and remove the silencer from the elastic band.

The replacement process is completed, the connection of the muffler with the resonator is recommended to lubricate with sealant resistant to high temperatures to avoid the probability of a “section”.

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