Sale of updated Kia Rio Begins

Renewed Kia Rio Model on the Russian Automotive Market. IS Important to Not the Refinement of the Model Practically Did Not Affect the Extendal Design, Only now this Car Cance of Two Colors, Namely: “CoFfee-Brow.


As for Price, The Updated Model Kia Rio with Power Unit in Volume of 1.6 Liter and Manual Transmission Costs from 585.9. Rubles. For a car with the same Engine and Automatic Transmission You Woo Alredy Have to Pay 625.9 Thousand Rubles. Rubles. Car with a Motor, Which is Characterized by Volume of 1.4 Liters and Capacy of 107 HP.With. Equippeed with the Same Transmission Options. The Model with this Engine and Manual Transmission Is Sold AT A Price From 509.9 Thousand. Rubles.

The Updated Model of Kia Rio Is Offered in One of Four Complete Sets, Namely: Comfort, Luxe, Prestige and Premium. Thus, Comfort and Luxe Models Are Equipped with An Air Conditioner, and More Expensive Complete Sets Prestige and Premium Already with a Climate Control.  .

In the Most Expensive Variant Prestige with 1,6-liter Engine, The Updated Korean Car Is Sold at the Price From 699.9 Thusand. Rubles. In this configuration, The Model Kia Rio Has 16-Inch Allloy Wheels, The System of Directional Stability, Known ASC, Rear Parktronic and Keyless Access System. BUT In ANY CASE Will NEED to BUY ADDITIONAL Protection for A Crankcase, Which Certainly Will Not Be Superfluous, If You Offten Go Out of Town.

. ALSO THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES Multifunctional Steering Wheel and The Latest Multimedia System.

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