SOME Complains ABOUT LADA Vesta

Lada Vesta is A Recently Creed Car and Shortages as Production Have A Place to Be. EVEN THE GREAT Brands of the World Automotive, When New Cars, Allow Minor Miscalculations, But After The First Sales, Deficiencies Are Finalized. Not insured from this and auto vaz. There are A Lot of Such Shortcomings in Lada Veste, But it is Impossible to Call Them Terrible.

-There are scratches on the lateral Glasses of the Car

One of the Main Shortcomings of Lada Vesta is that when whether We Lower or Side Glasses, They Scratch. This is Due to the fact that the Come Into Contact with Various Garbage and Sand. SOME PEOPLE DUBTS as LATERAL GLASSES, OTHERS Think that Wear of the Glasses is Associated with Elastic Bands. Most Likely, The Reason for this is the Second, Not the First.

-Windshield sores not Heat Up

This Drawback Has Been Manifested More That Once. Most Buyers Are Inoperation to Heating The Glass, Howver, When Contacting Dealers, They Change Its Complaints to a New.

-Poor-Quality Hood Seals

AFTER SOME RUN ON LADA Vesta, You Can Find That Under the Hood, The Space AGain REMAINS DIRTY, As in All Russian Cars. It is not Clear Who It Was Impossible to Come Up with Normal Hood Seals at the Design Stage. At the Moment, People Are Fighting this Flaw in Varous Ways.

-Bad Wipers Coming from the Factory

It is unknown Who The Auto Vaz IS Trying in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY TO SAVE ON SUCH TRIFles. Buts is true. Future Buyers Will have to Buy New Better Wipers, Because This of the Details that Responds Primarily to the Safety of the Driver and His Passengers.

-Problem with the Operation of the Gas Pedal

This Problem Is Found on Lada Cars, In Which The Electronic Gas Pedal Is Used. At the Same Time, It Swims on Vesta, While the Revolutions and the Motor Works Unvenly. Most Offen, Dealers Dump This Shortage of Bad Gasoline.

-Incomprehensible Switching of a Robotic Gearbox

The Box Itself Turned Out to Be Reliable, But the Program with It Works Very Offten Does Not Behave Correctly. TheFore, Transfers AresFers Not Turned On.

This article discusses, of course, not all the shortcomings of lada vesta, but we must hope in the future moster moste problems Will be corrededed. AFTER ALL, LADA Vesta is alread a car that Exceeds Its Russian Predecessors on the Head and Can Compete with Many Foreign Cars.

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