The Mercedes A180 CDI is the Most Economical Model in the History of the Brand

Mercedes-Benz Presented a New Version of the A-Class .

A180 CDI BlueEfficence Declaries Confidence in Its Rights, In the Race for the Title of the Most Economical Mercedes in History. The Mercedes A-Class Expands The Existing Framework, With Two New Versions that Will Delight Those Whant a Premium Car with A Low Fuel Consumption. Auto Experts Believed That The Creation of this Model Can Serve as Challenge for Competitors of the Auto Concert, Which Are Guved by the Production of Cars of a Similar Model Range. The German Manaufacturer Offers a Wide Audience of Fastidious Consumers of Their Products, The New A180 CDI BlueEficency Equipped with A 1.5-Liter Diesel Engine with a Total Capacy of 109 Horsepower. This Model Will BE Equippeed with A Six Stepped Manual Gearbox. The Average Fuel Consumption is only 3.6 L / 100 KM, and the Volume of Atmosphereic Emissions Is Only 92 G / KM.

Along with The Diesel Version, Mercedes-Benz Will Be Release A-Class Entry-Level, For Motorists Prefer Models with A Gasoline Engine. We are Talking ABOUT THE BLUEEFICY A180 Version Equipped with A 1.6-Liter Engine with Four Cylinders, Capable of Dispersing The Power of 122 Horsepower. This Configuration Also Provides Low Fuel Consumption of Only 5.2 L / 100 KM, with Emissions of 120 G / KM. And this is not all. Mercedes Went Even Further, Promising to Reduce The Average Fuel Consumption by 0.2 Liters. (Diesel) And, Respectively, 0.3 l (Gasoline) with the Aforemented Basic Trim Levels.

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To Achieva Such Parameters, Mercedes Made Efforts to work on a Number of Important Changes. HAVING FAMILIARIZED YOURSELF with the Technical Conclusions of Experts, You Realize that Such Unimportant, At First Glance, Configuration Ar. They Include: Partial Closure of the Radiator Grill, Installation of Aerodynamic Accessories, Lowering the Suspension by 15 Mm, and No Less Important, Calibration of the Engines. The Efficency of this Model Allows Its to Break out in the Forward, in the Race for Leadership in the Market.

Both Economical Models Will Appear On Sale in Mid-February. This Model Promises to Become A SEGMENT OF HIGH DEMAND, Among Similar Representatives of this Model Range.

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