The updated Nissan X-Trail will be produced in Russia

In December of this year, Nissan, which is located near St. Petersburg, can begin assembly of an updated X-Trail Superior SUV. Before the start of this production, a presentation may be held at the enterprise.

It is important to add that the updated X-Trail SUV was officially shown last year at the Frankfurt car dealership. Immediately after the presentation, the novelty entered the Japanese market.

You may notice that the length of the new car reaches 4 640 mm, and the width is 1,820 mm. In height, the SUV reaches 1,715 mm. According to experts, the update led to an increase in the size of the car, but at the same time the road clearance was reduced. Now its value is 205 mm, instead of 210 mm, which the Japanese SUV had before restyling. Nevertheless, even before restyling, good money could help out for the redemption of a car of this model.

There is no accurate information about what set of equipment can be purchased by the updated Japanese SUV assembled at the Russian enterprise. For buyers of other countries, this car is sold with one of two gasoline engines, the volume of which is 2 and 2.5 liters, and the power reaches 143 liters.With. or 170 l.With. At the same time, European motorists can purchase an SUV with a diesel power unit, the volume of which is 1.6 liters, and a capacity of 130 liters.With. As a transmission, an updated car is equipped with either a variator, or a six -band manual gearbox.

It is important to add that the SUV, as before restyling, has a full -wheel drive system, known as the All Mode 4x4i, which allows you to reach optimal traction parameters, as well as stability on the roadway with different speed modes of movement. Buyers can purchase this car either in all -wheel drive or with a leading drive to one bridge.

You may notice that after restyling, the Nissan X-Trail model can individually slow down the wheels in order to better pass turns.

As for the Russian factory Nissan, which is located near St. Petersburg, it has been releasing models Pathfinder, Murano and Teana since 2009. The plans for next year are to start the assembly of a small Japanese SUV of the QASHQAI brand.

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