There are no two doors shown in the Seat Leon shown on the Geneva Motorshow (video)

Representatives of the SEAT company brought with them to the Geneva Automobile Exhibition the first in the entire history of the LEON 4-door hatchback line, with the traditional specification of SC-this abbreviation means “Sportsup”. The novelty is shorter than the five -door version, but at the same time is in no way inferior to it in the capacity of the luggage compartment and in the space of the salon.

Representatives of the company assure that Leon SC is not another modification of Leon, but a completely independent model that has already managed to get the title of emotional car in the entire model range of the family. Thus, from the pyatal car, the Leon SC model differs back back, a more significant inclination of the windshield, the dynamic bend of the roof, and of course the “broad -fit” shape of the rear wings.

It should be noted that having lost two doors, the weight of the hatchback decreased by almost 20 kg, which makes it one of the lightest cars in this segment. A 3-door Leon wheelbase indicator is reduced by 35 mm (compared with a five-door option). The smallest length has changed – from the usual 4310 to 4230 mm, but at the same time the luggage compartment remained the same – 380 liters. The essence of the “shortening” of the hatchback is an improvement in car maneuverability.

The line of power plants for Leon SC is borrowed from a five -door predecessor. Recall that it consists of diesel and gasoline engines 1.2 – 2.0 liters. The base engine is 1.2 TSI with a 105 liter output.With.. At the same time, the top versions of the car will be equipped with a gasoline unit with a 1.8 -liter -liter -out lot and a capacity of about 180 liters.With., as well as a 2.0 liter diesel and a capacity of 150 liters.With.

If you recall the transmission, then there are no changes here: 5 or 6 mechanical boxes, as well as 6 or 7 step-steps, will be available with hatchback. On the dynamic characteristics of the novelty, representatives of the company have not yet reported.

By the way, very soon, and the three -door and five -door hatchbacks will appear in the “charged” performance – the modification of FR, which involves the installation of a diesel 184 liter.With. The official dealers of the car manufacturer will begin to accept orders for the novelty this spring. The appearance on show rooms is scheduled for the summer of this year.

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