The success of the latest TS030 built entirely by Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) based on a carbon fiber chassis in the Cologne plant (where the F-1 and WRC teams were based earlier) is due to the THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System – Racing) Hybrid PowerTrain.

At Its Heart is a Brand New 3.4l Atmosphereic Gasoline V8, and it is Assisted by Electric Motors and Special Capacitors from Official Team Partner Nisshinbo. As in the Case of Full-Hybrid Road Cars, Energy IS Recovered During Bracking, and the TS030 CANE FOR A CERTAIN OF TIME MOVE ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONEAL.

Two Other Partners (AISIN AW and Denso) Initially Offhed Alternative Electric Drive Options-Front-Engine and Rear-Engine Schems, Respectively. pair. SO One of FIRST TASKS For Designers and TESTERS WAS to find out VALD Be more Effective.

Simultaneously with the presentation of TS030 the first drivers line-up was also presented: Alex Wurz, a veteran of F1 in Austria, the winner of the Le Mans 24hr race 2009 with Peugeot team, well known from GP2, A1 and LMS series, 27 Years Old French Driver Nicolas Lapierre and Another Recent F1 Pilot (Williams), ALSO 27 YEARS Old Japanese Kazuki Nakajima.


Alex Wurz, Who Was Straight Out of the Cockpit After The First Run, Was Clearly Delighted, Saying: “I’M Very Impressed! Even Just Driving Out of the Pits on Electric Power Alone Is Fantastic! And the You Release the Clutch and… Hurricane! At the Same Time, The Car Is Like Clutching The Slicks to the Asphalt. And, Although There is Still a Lot to Do Do Do, I Really Liked Her Character!”

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