Types of equipment for replacement of motor oil.

Such an operation as periodic oil change is mandatory for each car, since the stability and durability of the engine depends on it.

Over the years, the oil was replaced by the forces of the car owners themselves, but today more and more often for this the latter are sent to a car service. There is an opportunity for little money to produce high -quality and quick oil replacement (we note that many models of cars today simply do not have traffic jams in the pallet of the crankcase, through which drained oil is carried out, that is, the traditional drain of oil in the garage is simply impossible).

The quality and speed here is provided by special equipment for changing oil, which today is quite diverse. So, for example, there are special devastators that are designed to remove the used motor oil. Such devastators can be floor, groove and wall. Oil removal goes by supplying compressed air, which blews oil or with a vacuum stretching engine oil along.

At many hundreds, today you can see such equipment for oil replacement as fillers that are designed to supply new oil to the car. This is very convenient, since at the same time it can use a large volume container in which a liter of oil is slightly cheaper. If you decide to buy equipment for a car service designed to pump fresh oil, then you will see that there are several groups of such equipment. So, for example, there is equipment with a pneumatic supercharger that pushes oils with the help of air. In addition, there are good and good manual pumps, where the feed is manually carried out. It is clear that the last option is cheaper, but it is less manufacturing and convenient in operation.

If you own a large service station and the oil is replaced in a large number of cars, then it will be very reasonable to buy equipment for a car service that will control the oil consumption. This will prevent theft from the personnel and “left” refueling, and will also make accounting for up to eight varieties of oil at once, which is very convenient for the owners of the STO, who will be able to replenish the reserves in a timely manner by offering high quality services to their clients.

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