Ufa extensor drivers will be massively evacuated.

Ufa extensor drivers will be massively evacuated

Violators who do not comply with the rules of parking, will not be able to hide from punishment.

In the coming days, the inspectors of the Bashkiri traffic police plan to arrange checks of checks with Parkons, thereby increasing the number of evacuated cars to a parking lot. This statement received the chief traffic inspector of the Republic Dinar Gilmutdinov.

The catching season of violators is open

The capital of the republic has been in need of additional parking spaces for several years. During the working day, all officially disclosed parking lots are clogged with cars, and it is impossible to park “by law”. Car owners have to park either in the yards of residential buildings, or hundreds of meters from the right place, but there are motorists who can afford to leave the car in the second row of the road, or, on the pedestrian sidewalk. Traffic police officers evacuate violators daily, or send a fine by mail. On average, about 160-300 violations are recorded per day of the inspector. In the near future, the traffic inspectorate is planned to increase the indicators.

Parkons are in working condition, but the inspection waits for the snow melts and marking on the roads will appear. Then it will turn out more to fix violations. In the summer season, the indicator, identified parking violations can grow to 1000-1500 per day. Drivers themselves decide where to park the car, and if it leaves the vehicle in the wrong place, having blocked the floor of the road, then you do not need to swear that his car was evacuated.

According to the head of the State traffic inspectorate, it is most difficult to promote drivers who leave cars on the lawn. As it turned out, the inspector does not have the right to punish such drivers, since the lawn is not within the competence of the traffic police officer.

For such a violation, the protocol may draw up a district police. This seems to be a paradox, but there are such trifles in our legislation of a dime a dozen. An employee of the traffic police, seeing a car parked on the lawn, must transfer the information to the district police officer, which will draw up a protocol.

But now it’s interesting whether all violators are really punished? After all, citizens of Ufa have repeatedly noticed among those who do not comply with the rules of parking, police officers. Whether they write out fines to themselves or their colleagues?

“The Center for Photo -Fixing Sends all fines automatically. Therefore, absolutely everyone is punished with fines. All who falls under the cells, whether it is an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, traffic police and other organs, pay fines, ”says Dinar Galmutdinov.

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