Updated Civic 4D and 5D have already appeared in the car dealerships of the Russian Federation.

Updated Civic 4D and 5D have already appeared in the car dealerships of the Russian Federation

The unusual presentation of the new Civic was held in the Aerodynamic Pipe of TsAGI, the largest pipe in Europe. The Russian representative office of Honda chose such a place not by chance, but in order to concentrate all those present in the low indicator of aerodynamic resistance – 0.27. Indeed, in the early generations this coefficient was 0.337. This achievement is facilitated by the altered back of the car body and the formed flat bottom due to plastic linings.

The designers worked on the updated Civic for four years, replacing and improving some designs, trying to make the car even more economical, dynamic and convenient. The Japanese masterpiece is now 5 millimeters wider and below its previous version, the front racks are narrowed. The door opening angle has also changed, now getting into the car and get out of it will be much more comfortable. From the inside Civic has also changed pleasantly. The salon has become more luxurious, the materials used for it are highlighted by high quality. The changes affected the volume of the trunk, now it is fifty liters more.

The most noticeable updates of this car passed with a suspension. The developers tried to improve it as much as possible and add the machine for greater handling, replaced the rear beam blocks with hardy hydromechanical hinges that distinguish noticeably progressive abilities. Honda marketers plan that the new Civic may well take the top position in the ranking of cars of its segment.

The test drive of the Japanese car took place in Myachkovo, at the Avtodrome. It was dry outside, and the car kept the road perfectly, easily overcoming turns at high speed. The front axle demolished a little, but a simple turn to the side and the car smoothly leveled on the road. I was pleased with informative brakes that smoothly slowed down. Civic also showed himself well on the roads of the city. The suspension has become much softer, perfectly hiding the irregularities of the road surface, various pits. And even overcoming the “lying policemen” has now become much easier, because the front overhang is shortened by 25 millimeters, and the clearance, on the contrary, is increased to 150 millimeters. Also in the car of the car, good sound insulation was noted.

Updated versions of Civic have 1.8 gasoline engines, with a power of 142 horsepower. The gearbox is presented to the choice: a five-dyapasic machine and a mechanical 6-speed box.

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