VW Amarok is an extraordinary resident of city roads

Agree that on our roads, pickups are quite rare, but nevertheless, these are great work horses, one of the representatives of this class of cars I want to talk today. So, on the starting line VW Amarok.

First you should decide, VW Amarok is a certain middle between an ordinary SUV with a mass of options and an on -board truck. But to describe all his little things is superfluous, less words, it’s time to go to business – to start, attention, we’ve gone!

It is worth noting that the pickup is striking in a comfortable move, regardless of speed, this is possible thanks to an independent multi -link suspension in front and dependent rear bridge on the springs.

The tribute must be given noise insulation of the salon – it is on top: the driver and passengers can talk in an undertone, no extraneous noises will interfere. Ergonomics is also impressive – control unit, multimedia system, instrument panel – everything is convenient and does not cause any complaints.

But do not forget that a test drive of a pickupa is carried out, and for it everything above is the excess trifles, the main thing is the body. But he is disappointing-the necessary lid for the trunk goes as an additional option, by the way, far away. In addition, no niches are provided inside the cargo compartment, because of which for transporting not too overall cargo, the rear seat has to be used more often than the trunk.

Another unpleasant moment – the list of options you will not find neither xenon headlights, nor the rear -view chamber, no hatch, and about the electric drive or ventilated skin and there can not even be a question at all.

Now regarding the technical characteristics. This test is a drive dedicated to the hero of the latest auto -beams, the last modification of Amarok, under the hood of which is a two -liter 180 -horsepower engine with a double turbocharged, capable of accelerating to hundreds in 11.3 seconds, and the maximum that can be squeezed out of it – 179 km/h/h/h/h/h. At the same time, Amarok is quite economical – for a hundred in mixed mode, it consumes 8.3 liters of diesel fuel, given that the model is equipped with an eight -speed automatic gearbox and a constant drive to all wheels where the torque is distributed by the Torsen differential.

Thus, by virtue of the above designated parameters, Amarok with an increased clearance in the foreseeable future from the asphalt roads of the metropolis will move on off -road, where he will also feel quite free, and the driver and passengers will delight with comfort with comfort.

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