2015 Cadillac Escalade

General Motors Company Left the Russian Market Very Originally and to Return to the Best of Times. In this case, this is the New Cadillac Escalade. It is equipped with an Engine with a Volume of 6.2 Liters with A Capacy of Four Hundred Twenty Horses and A Cunning System of Disconnecting Part of the Cylinders At Low Load, Which Allows Saving Fuel. This Huge Colossus in a Mixed Cycle Eats Approximatly 15 Liters of Fuel Per Hundred Kilometers and Has Acceleration to a Hundred in 7 Secondes, Scaring Everone with Its Powerful Appe,.  The Front of the Car Consists of Led Elements. This Car Iserously On Technical Bells of the Human Life. The Trunk Door Made of Aluminum as Well as the Hood Opens with The Help of a Voluminous Sensor Located Below. For Maneuvering Along The Narrow Streets, The Car Is Equipped with Scanners of Space that Determine Enurem for A Maneuver Or Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not. The Car Suspension Is Dopile to Perfraction, SO that Car Rode QUITE SPORTY with its dimensions and Evenly, but it was not possible to get the Frame Trembling. He is also difficult to manage on Winding Roads. SINCE in ORDER To FITO ANTO A Cool Turn, You Need to Calculate Its Dimensions. IF the Previous Lineup Had a Constant All -Wheel Drive Mode, Now Its Regulated On the Control Panel. In General, Escalade Is Not an Suv, Initially it was hidden undr the Asphalt, But it Cancome Some Hardships, But Go to It, for Serious Off-ThiS IS Unconsciously. Despite the Added Engine Power, It Became Quieter in the Cabin, The Engineers Worked Well Over this, Hiding the Ntvd Node in the Cylinder Placing Itsople Caproof Capsule. The They Laid a Huge Layer of Mats Between The Salon and the Engine, and Also Equipping The Noise Reduction System.  A large screen with the Original Cue System Is Built Into the Central Console, and An Hd Display Acts in the Form of the Dashboard. The Seats are Equippeed with Massages That Are Controlled from the Side of the Seats. One of the Modes is the “Antison” Mode, when the Pillow in Asymmetric Position Changes. CARSALE HAS ADJUSTMENT in Twelve POSITIONS. The Car’s Interior Is Replete with With Decor, Seats with Upholstered Leather Attack. The Ceiling is Finished with A Suede Microfiber. For the Rear Passengers, Three Screens with A Diagonal of 7 Inches in the Head Restraints and 9 Inches in the Ceiling Are Installed. The Car Also Has a Function of Tracking a Number, A System of Security with Satellite Tracking, Three Rows of Seats, A Six-Speed ​​Machine, Wi-Fi With the Ability to Connect Up TO STETENCT UP TO Connect UP TO STETENCTU TO SEP TO STENCTU TO STENCT TOETENCT TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TOETETET SEP TOLENCT TO TO TO TO TO TO TO TOLEE SEP TOL.

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