An Updated Nissan Juke Suv Has Been Presented

Recently Japanese Car Maker Nissan Has Officials Revealed Its New Compact Urban Car Brand Juke. The Novelty Is Distinguished by Its Original Design and A Whole Package of UsEful Options.

As NOTED BY Experts, The New Car Has Original Boomerang Headlights and Bumpers with A New Shape. We Can Add that Buyers Caning this Urban Suv with An Interior in Different Colors. The Motorist Got the Right to Choose The Interior in White, Red Or Yellow Colors.

It is Possible to Notice that a Buyer Cano Choose One of 90 Coloring Variants of the Car Body. In Addition to New Interior and Body Colors, The Updated Nissan Juke now Has Such Usful Options as Angine Restart System, Which Improvs Fuel Efficiency, AS Well as the System.

The updated Japanese SUV is Now Also Equipped with An Improved Turbocharged 1.6-Liter Engine, Which Has a Scheme for Cooling Exhaust Gases. In Addition, the Engine of the New Car Has a Lower Vibration Level and Less Weight. All this allowed to imprive Fuel Efficiency of the Power Unit. In Particular The Engine of Front-Drive Nissan Juke Consumes in the Mixed Cycle Sever Liters of Fuel Per 100 Kilometers. You may notice that previor the previous generation of these japanese suvs consumed 7.7 Liters of Fuel.

With the Improved Engine in this Car Function in Conjunction with A Variator, Which Has the Ability to Manually Switch to One of the Seven Ranges of the Transmission. We can add on the domestic japanese market, a Restyled Version of the Nissan Juke with A 1.5-Liter Engine Is Sold at a Price that Starts At 1 Million. 737.72 Yen, Which in Conversion Is Approximatly 590 Thousand. Rubles. It is a Little Bit More Expensive than Price of a Skoda Rapid, Which Can Boughs 479 Thousand Europe. Rubles. Thus The Top Completing Nissan Juke is Offered Alread for the Sum from 2 Million. 678.4 Thousand. Yen, Which is 906 Thusand Yen. Rubles.

Due to the Small Size and Good Quality, This Car Can Be in Demand, Both in Japan and in the Car Markets in Other Countries.

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