Bodywork Polishing.

A Professional Car Body Polish Has Several Useful Functions:

one. Your vehicle is as shiny as new.

2. This is considered to be activity in the pre-Sales Preparation of the Vehicle.

3. IS Good Protection for the Vehicle from Environment Influences.

four. YOU CAN GET RID of Minor Scratches on the Bodywork. The Depth of the “Blemish” Shoup Not Reach The Primer.

5. The Process of Polishing a Car Implies After The Painting, To Eliminate Defects (Dristbles, Dust, Shagreen).

YOU CAN Performer Such a Treatment by Yourself with the USING ADDITIONAL TOOLS. They Also Use Polishers, A Regular Drill. You Need a Special Polishing Mandrel with Velcro for the Drill (Diameter 125 MM). You can Quickly and Effectively Perform the Polishing, If You have a Polishing Machine, Which Canist the Speed.

Let’s Consider A Car Where there Small Scratches on the Old Paint Coat. Remove Large Defects with Abrasive P1500. The Surface is Cleaned and Degreed.

The First Stage of Polishing – Processing with Coarse Polishing Paste, Use a Fur (Foam) Wheel of Medium Hardness. Before Polishing, It is Worth Shaking the Paste Container. Then A Few Drops Are Put on the Polishing Disc and the Polishing Paste Is Rubbed in. We Polish in Small Areas.

We Polish The Surface at Minimum Speed, The Gradully Increase The Speed During the Process. Finishing is Carrried Out in One Direction by Shuttle Runs of the Machine, The Overlap of the Disk is 1/3 of the Diameter). The Direction Perpendicular. Bring the Angle Between The Surface and Disc to 15 Degrees.

By the Way, The Efficency of the Paste Processing Increases if the Surface is Warmed Up.

Toend to Add Paste, Removing the Remains with A Napkin. Need to Respect the Edges of Machined Components, Sharp Bends, Embossing. Here it is Possible to Damage The Surface, To Cut Off a Lot of Paint Material.

Now We are finishing the surface using fining Paste with A Soft Disc. It is Necessary to Correctly Calculate the Force to be applied to the Polisher. Initially Apply Firm Pressure, The Reduce It Gradully. In the Final Stage, The Polishing Machine Must Be Mined Under Its Own Weight. To Control The Police Surface, Spray Special Liquids.

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