By car – in Europe! Through Ukraine…

UKRAINE STUBBORNLY and UNSUCCESSFULLY POSITIONS ITSELF as An Organic Part of the European Community. Does this mean that going on a Road trip to Europe, The Russian Should Start with Ukraine?

Without Any Doubt! And Start the Trip from the East of the Country, from Donetsk. This Begining is Able to Set the Tone for the Whole Journey. The Point Is Not the Best Hotels of 4 Stars in Donetsk Are not at All Inferior To European Hotels.

Donetsk and Its Closest Surrounding Today Are the Best Landfill For Testing The Running Qualites of the Most Hardy Car. Well, if someting happens to the car on the trip, a let this happen in his native and close ukraine, and not among lisbon houses lined with blue tiles.

YOUR CAR IS TUNED FOR HIGH -Speed Driving? Accelerate it on a bypass Highway Around the Regional Center. Built as a High -Speed Highway, A bypass Donetsk Road Allows Car to Show All the Power Embeded in IT.

Go in the jeep? Turn from A Smooth and Even Highway to Makeevka (A City That Has Almost Gron with Donetsk), and You Will Feel Like A Stalker Paving the Field of Mercylses Battle. Not event, oh, not event Car, Proudly Called Suv, Will Cope with The Hardships and Deprivations of Makeevsky Roads!

The Path from the Eastern to the Western Border of the Country Will Arrange a Harsh Exam to Your Car. Having Blan Down to Dnepropetrovsk, You Will Slow Down a Little, And You Will Go Slower, The Faster, UNTIL WATERS Appear On the Horizon.

The Access Roads to this Town Are Such That Your Car Will Remember the Makeevsky Pods with Nostalgic Longing. Do Not Be Alarmed by Section of a Completly Absent Road Surface: Kraza Goes and You Will Pass. Fear That Do Not Dry Even Into the Heat of the Yellowish Water: Who Knows How Depths the Keys are Beating in Them…

Be Sure: The autobahns are Waiting Ahead of You are no Worse than the Donetsk, and the Traps are Worse the Zheltovodskiy. BUT If the Car NeverTheless Reached Lviv, Settled for the Night in the Hotis Glorious City and Feel Free to Plan The Further Path. Remember: Price for Hotels of 5 Stars in Budapest Can Be More Sparing than Accounts from the Central Lviv Kavyarni.

The Before Crossing The Border It Will Not Hurt To Pass. FIRSTLY, The Language Barrier BetWeen Russian and Ukraine, Despite the Twenty-Year-Land Efforts of the Authorites, IS Absent. Secondly, The Mentality Is Still The Same in Our Country. Thirdly, Ukranian Price Are Still Lower THE CZECH, Polish, German-And Further Until Portugal Itself.

Good Luck!

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