Car Care

EVERY MOTOR VEHICLE OWNER WANTS To SERVE LONG and STEADILY. You Shoup Follow The Rules of Its Operation and Timely Maintenance.

Depending on the Brand of Automotive Equipment, Spare Parts for Its Repair May Not Be Avalable in Stores. And they must be orDered and aWAted. That’s who it’s Important to Periodically Perform Technical Instractions. This Willow To Reveal Upcomping Breakdowns in Time and Order The Necessary Auto Parts.

To Protect Automotive Equipment from Weather Conditions, It Shoup Be Kept in Garages or Hangars. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROBLE WITH the Sun’s Rays, It Will Prevent the Paint On the Bodywork from Fading. Overfreezing at Extremely Low Temperatures Can Lead to Battle Failure.

If the Surface of the Body is Damage, Moisture Can Cause Corrosion. This Requires Painting SPECIAL VEHICLES AND EVEN PASSENGER CARS, CARREED OUT AT Regular Intervals. This Will Not Refresh The Appe, Body, But Also Protect It From External Influences.

Check The Oil Levelly to Keep The Engine Running Smoothly and Save A Little Gasoline. At High Temperatures Outside a Car, Synthetic Oil Will Provide More Protection to the Engine.

Engine Belts Need to Be Replaced in Time. Their Breakage Can Lead to Serious Breakdowns and Time-Consuming, Expensive Overhauls. You can extend the life of Engine Parts by Changing the Oil in Good Time.

Car Equipment Needs Special Care During the Winter Period.  Body Protection Must Be in Place Before The Cold Weather. For this Purpose, There Are Special Products that Protect the Paintwork for a Certain Period of Time. In Addition, it is important to replace Summer Tires with Winter Oones. When Using All-Eason Tires, You Shoup Constantly Monitor the Marks on the Tried That Show The Degree of Suitability of the Tires.

Regularly Washing the Body and Cleaning the Interior IS Also Important. All automotive equipment shoup be Maintained in Perfect Order. In Addition, It is Recommeded that You Wash The Underbody and Vehicle Arches Twice a Month. A High-Pressure Water Jet Is Better for this.

Careful Attitude and Proper Maintenance Guarantee Your Car a Long Life Without Interruptions.

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