Choose a dump truck

Double MAZ, ZIL, etc. These are less expensive dump trucks, but they have less cubicure.

If the funds are greatly limited, then you can purchase data from self -sards. Cheap is the main plus, and the rest is one minus. There is no possibility for the execution of large orders, and in the case of delivery over significant distances, time and fuel expenses and fuel of the total volume in most cases eat all profits. It is necessary to calculate the number of flights required for transporting several thousand cubic meters of sand, provided that only 6-7 cubic meters of cubic meters will be transported in one flight, and everything will become clear.

But it is quite possible to use such dump trucks at the work in place, and with a replaceable or hourly payment. They can also be used to deliver materials to the private sector, where the volumes are small and there is an opportunity to increase the price, thereby leveling the cost of delivery. Work in the private sector, unfortunately, has an unpleasant property, as a strong seasonality.

KAMAZS. Cars of this brand allow you to build a business and develop in the far. Therefore, nothing wrong with this truck cannot be said. In this case, income will depend on the volume of the body and the model of cars. Seven -cube dump trucks due to the possibility of building sides easily turn into ten models. And the “mammoths” have the opportunity to close 16-18 cubic meters in one flight for one flight.

One of the main advantages of Kamazov is that it is possible to purchase a pretty decent car for little money. Capital repairs do not require astronomical amounts. Spare parts in most cases are available in almost all regions, unlike representatives of the Chinese industry. Now the cost of new dump trucks is increasing, which does not allow to buy a car from the conveyor. In addition, the prices for spare parts began to catch up with components for European dump trucks.

Therefore, it makes sense to dig and buy man, which will differ in more spaciousness and reliability, which is extremely important for doing your own business.

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