Chrysler 300 SRT8

The New Chrysler is the Best Mixture of Comfort and High Power Among Among Large Sedans in the Market.

The Appe, Internal of this Chrysler 300 SRT8 2012 Simply Amazing. It is Slichtly Lower than the Previous Sedan of the Company, But Also Wider and Long. Red Seats Attract Attion Inside. .

This car USES A Black Chrome Package. USALLY, We Like Such a Brilliant Material, But Mixed with Bronze Color, IT Really Looks Much Better 20. Front Headlights and Rear Lights Add the Accents of the Old Chrysler Cars, But They look Very Delighted.

. Of course, in admit to this, the is also a price that many Will Seem Too High, But for Comfort and Quality You Always Have to Overpay. The Price Will Also Vary from the Region. Play.

We Like The Fact that Srt Models Really Began to go a Full Package of Performance. This is not only power: the inside is large, therma many elementronic elements inSide and all of them area Combined in the Panel with A Smart Way.

2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8.

Basic Price: $ 49.595.

Transmission: 6.4-Liter V8; Rear -wheel Drive, Five -Speed Automatic Gearbox.

Exit: 470 Horsepower AT 6,000 RPM, 470 NM For 4.300 RPM.

Weight: 2007 KG.

Fuel Consumption: 15 Liters Per 100 Km in the City and 11 Liters on the Highway.

.995), Premium Audio System, Which Includes 18 Speakers, Subwoofer. and an amplifier for 900 Watts ($ 1.995).

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