Counting the luxury tax on the supported car, they will take into account the price of a new car at the time of payment.

Counting the luxury tax on the supported car, they will take into account the price of a new car at the time of payment

The cost of a supported car included in the list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, at the time of purchase could be lower than now. But they will take the price of this model at the present time, the department will calculate the average cost.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade published an order on the regulation of the procedure for calculating luxury tax, that is, an increased transport fee. The document was posted by the Russian Newspaper and 9 days after its publication, it will have the strength.

To determine the cost of the machine, the ministry proposed using two possible options. The first option is if the car was released by the manufacturer officially working on the market, then it provides the authorities with information about the cost of the car. The second option is to determine the price of a Russian or foreign catalog, for example, the data of the domestic VSUP “NAM”.

The list of cars requiring increased tax payment will be published every year until March 1st. When calculating the tax amount, they will use an increase in the coefficient determined by the cost of the car and lowering, conjugated with wear (age) of the machine.

The average cost of the car will be determined at its price not at the time of the year of release, but at the price of a new car corresponding to the model at the time of payment. They will take the price of a car for 1.07, then 1.12 and the average cost will deduce from these prices.

It turns out that the price at the time of acquisition of a car is not a basis for determining the value of the tax. For example, Nissan Patrol (405 liters.With.) Currently costs 3,400,000 rubles and the tax for this car will be 60,700 rubles. Even if you acquire a supported SUV with serious damage, worth less than 3,000,000, you can’t run away from tax. A car released one or two years ago, worth 3,000,000-5,000,000 rubles, will have a coefficient of 1.3. That is, the updated tax for Nissan Patrol will be 78,900 rubles, and not 60,700 rubles.

We remind you that increased transport taxes on expensive cars came into force with 1.01.2014. The list of “luxurious” cars includes 191 car.

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