Drivers with parking fines will not be able to leave the country.

Drivers with parking fines will not be able to leave the country

In Moscow, new revolutions are gaining a fight against drivers that deviate from payment for parking. According to the Moscow Administrative Road Inspectorate, malicious violators will be closed abroad.

On the first day of July, the inspection already plans to file a lawsuit against the right to obtain permission to limit access to debtors for parking for the opportunity to leave Russia.

According to the representative of MADI, in the FSSP, an organization that makes the verdicts for compulsory execution, more than 70 thousand have long been sent. various verdicts about attracting driver drivers to administrative responsibility. Fapi hopes that the measure of restrictions on leaving the country should refer to drivers.

At the moment, the threat of becoming not away from the country hangs over those drivers whose total amount of fines has already exceeded 10 thousand. rubles. If the debt is less than this amount, the violator can hardly breathe a sigh of relief, because it can also be limited on the exit, plus it may be subject to administrative arrest for 15 days, or forced labor. The last two options can be applied regardless of the amount of unpaid fines.

From the words of Peter Shkummatov, an activist of the Blue Buckets, it follows that MADI personally cannot introduce a restriction on traveling outside the country. In Russia, four out of five debtors do not pay for parking. Mostly legal entities pay, because it is easy to find an approach with it. The penalist can receive a departure from the country only after a court decision. Madi itself invents unsuccessful methods of infringing on the finished drivers. The ban on restriction of departure from the country will become valid only after the payment term will end and it falls into the hands of the bailiffs. The latter are just bringing the case to court, and only he is already in the right to prohibit leaving the country. The system itself with payment for parking is extremely imperfect, that no active method has been invented to fight debtors. It seems that new ideas from Madi once again will not be able to resolve the situation with debts on fines.

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