DVRs with GPS.

The Mio Technology Corporation is happy to tell its clients that the Mio Mivue 388 DVR won a well -deserved victory in the nomination called “DVR with a display”, which was established as part of the National Product “Product of the Year 2013”. On April 11, the jury announced the results of the vote and, in a festive atmosphere, awarded the winners.

The annual Product Prize of the Year is held on the territory of the Russian Federation for the ninth time. It is a significant event not only for specialists, but also for the end consumer, because it is here that the best of the best in the domestic market audio, photo, video, mobile, computer and portable equipment for the current year.

As a participant in “competitions”, DVRs were introduced in 2012, which best affected the active appearance of such devices. For example, for 2012, the sales of DVRs grew rapidly, and the market was replenished with new applicants for nationwide love, both original interesting models and frankly unsuccessful clones of famous brands. A similar trend makes more pleasant the fact that Mio’s products were once again awarded this award.So, according to the competent jury, Mivue 388 – DVRs with GPS among the entire Mio model range. The device was produced in a high -strength compact case. With relatively small sizes, equipped with a large screen (2.4 -inch diagonal), high -quality glass lens, as well as a full set of necessary control keys and an affordable HDMI output. The video recording function is carried out in the popular 1080p format, all the shot videos are automatically stored on the Microsd memory card. A distinctive feature of Mivue 388 is the updated version of the GPS receiver.

Among other things, the DVR is equipped with motion and impact sensors. The device activates the function of light alerts about the cells that fix the speed on the road, also there is a database regarding the location of the chambers, which is systematically updated.

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