EVERYTHING IS in the Face. Let’s See How Good the New Renault Sandero Stepway is good

Renault Company Began to Actively Conquer The Market Several Years Ago, Carefully Reviewing All the Old Foundations and Making New Changes. It is to -such Reorganization that we recited Such Models as Fluence, Duster, Sandero and, Although Budget, But So Modern and Eveng Attracteve Logan. BUT lett US Dwell in More Detail on A Dark Horse, On Sandero, Which Seems to Have Been Lost in The Shadow of A More Respected Duster and More Affordable Loggan. We are safly Offhed to find out with the advertising posters ABOUT THE PROS AND CONS OF RENAULT SANDERO STEPWAY AFTER A TEST DRIVE, BUT NOT All Features Can BE DETECTEDEN HURS.

In 2015, a New Version of Sandero Stepway Was Released. Although it is said loudly. Quality Work on Facelft and Restyling of An Existing Model Was Simply Carried out.  LARGE -SCALE WORK HAS Been Carried Out on the Exterior Design. It seems that chemes have touched on the Whole Line, EVERY DETAIL. A new Optics is IMMEDITIATITISHITINGUISED, Which Makes The Car Practically Not Recognizable. The Repeaters of the Turns in the Mirrors Successfully Fit. The Engineers Also Took Care of Those Who Buy a Car in the Most Afffordable Configuration. Stamped Wheel Discs No Longer Resemble An Old Car, A Special Disk Shape Was Designed for Exclusive Caps, Which Will Seem Difficult to Distinguish From Corporate Casting Casting. This is perhaps the most Interesting Chip in the Design of the New Stepwei.

In the Cabin, EVERYTHINGS SOMEWHAT WORSE. Slichtly Changed the Central Console, Now All the Organs at Hand. But Still Remain Not Quite Comfortable Seats. Although, EVERYTHINGS NOT as Bad as in the Previous Model. But there Still Not Enure Lamps from Behind, There Are not Enugh Adjustment of Armres and Durts At the Feet of the Rear Passengers. Former Economy Class.

Under The Hood are Economical One and Half Liter Diesel Engines, 3 Cylinder Gasoline with a Turbine and 1.2 Without Turbine. The Previous 1 DID not Go Anywhere.6 Liter Row 4k. In General, Old Recognizable Engines with New Firmware and Electronic devices that “Finish” Them Under Uuro-5.

In General, Those Who Already Bounl of the Previous Model Do Not Make Sense to Be Upset, and Those Who are Hurried While therm of.

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