EXEED RX from the Chinese auto giant Chery Automobile: advantages and features

Chinese car manufacturers are actively exploring the premium segment. They create beautiful, comfortable models, with characteristics that are not inferior to traditional machines of this type, which are produced by world-famous companies. It is proposed to choose a model on the site that will satisfy any user requests.


In Volgograd and the region, one of the prominent distributors of machines of this level is the Arkont company. Over thirty years of operation, it has gained a strong reputation among customers, offering high-quality and reliable cars.

Among its range of cars, EXEED RX stands out. This is a product of the Chinese auto giant Chery Automobile. The name itself speaks of the positioning of this brand as the most advanced, superior to all other products.

The model is offered in the “Platinum” configuration, which has all the options and maximum capabilities of a car of this brand. Six color options are available.

Among the main sale details it is worth highlighting:

  1. Opportunity to participate in the trade-in program. The list of car models accepted for credit can be seen on the company’s official website https://arkont-exeed.ru/rx/. There are dozens of cars listed that can be traded in when purchasing a new EXEED RX.
  2. Purchase in installments on preferential terms.
  3. A warranty is provided for seven years or a mileage of 200 thousand kilometers.
  4. Official service.
  5. Participation in the Roadside Assistance program, which includes tow truck services, a replacement vehicle for urgent needs, and other services.
  6. Participation in closed club events for owners of this car brand.


The company offers the newest models of machines that are fully equipped. The exterior and interior immediately show the high class of the car. It is equipped with the latest equipment, a powerful processor and a dual 24-inch screen will provide all the necessary information. The owner can change the display options and set all the parameters most conveniently for himself. Information can be projected onto the windshield so as not to distract the driver from monitoring the road situation.

The car is powerful, has a 249 horsepower engine, and has unsurpassed acceleration and braking dynamics. The interior is spacious, comfortable, and convenient for the driver and passengers, including those in the back seat.

The company guarantees the supply of machines and spare parts, which allows you to operate the vehicle in Russian conditions without worrying about problems.

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