Five Car Thefts Due to Owners’ Negligence.

Five Cases of Car Thefts Due to Owners’ Negligence

SINCE The Begining of this year, The City of Neftekamsk in the Republic of Bashkortostan Has Reported Five Car Theft to the Police. Thus Accidents COULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED.

IT Shoup be not that all the Cases Were Solved and the Criminals are Behind Bars.

According to Police Major Elvira Agazamova, All Cases Were Sent to Court with a Petition for Custody, Citing the Offenders Had Criminal Record and Had Either an UNEXPUNGE. All these Crimes Couldhe Been Avoided, If Not the Negligence of the Car Owners Themselves.

In One of Five Cases, The Owner Deceded to Chelbox and Put the Car Key on a Nearby Mailbox. Approximatly 30 Minutes Later, The Man Was Informed by A House Neighbor ases Behind the Wheel of His Car. Looking Out the Window, The Car Owner Saw His Car Traing to Move Out of the Yard. A man ran out into the Street and Saw People trying to get the Drunken Car Thief Out of the Car. Later It Turned Out Two Citizens Were Drinking at the Entrance and Found the Key to the Car, Figuring Out Car the Key Belonged to, One of the Meted to Take A Ride. The Criminal Was A 32-Year Old Resident of Neftekamsk.

In the Second Case, The Cab Driver Deceded to Stop for a Short Time at a Store Without Turning Off or Closcing the Car. A Stranger, Walking by and Notced the Unlocked and Started Car Tried to Drive it Away. But he get entangled in the Gearbox and Was Unable to Move, While the Owner Got out. AFTER An UNSUCCESSFUL Attempt to Escape, The Perpetrator Blocked the Doors in the Passenger Compartment. Police Officers Managed to Get the Carjacker Out by Breaking the Window.

In Another Case, A Similar Situation OcCurred, Only Here The Car Owner Deceded to Drop by His House, Leaving the Car Running and Unlocted. Returning to the Scene, A Man Saw His Car Pulling Out of A Yard. He Tried to Catch Up with The Car on the Run, then took a Cab and Organized a Chase. The Police The Became Involved and An Interception Plan Was Declared. The Criminal Was Caurest Almost On the Way Out of the City. The Thief Was A 25-Year Old Citizen.

The Other Two Cases Had Similar Stories.

All of the Car Thieves Were Taken Into Custody. The Culprits Will Havy to Pay for the Damage to the Cars. But it may not happen as so car Owners Would Like it to.

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