Improving the quality of Chevrolet Niva SUVs

The first samples of Chevrolet Niva, released in 2002 – 2003, had many shortcomings. Cars often broke, and the network of service centers was still poorly developed. As a result, the car repair took a long time and was too expensive, compared to similar models of other brands, there were no spare parts.

New defects were constantly identified, the ways of eliminating the GM-Avtovaz experts were urgently searched for by GM-Avtovaz. Now, according to representatives of the enterprise, the main problem nodes are replaced, the quality of the SUV has increased significantly, and prices have risen relatively not much.

What’s new?

Over the years that have passed from the release of the first copies, significant improvements of individual details of the SUV occurred. The most noticeable changes that are immediately striking in the interior of the salon, now equipped with more rigid seats and equipped with air conditioning. The lock of the rear door was changed, and it began to demand less effort to slam.

Connecting air conditioner demanded restructuring the control controller. So that the air conditioner does not affect the acceleration and does not spoil the dynamics, it turns off at the moment when the car accelerates sharply. The settings of the system that controls the power unit were changed. As a result, the cold start of the engine has become better, and the engine works more economically. The cooling system has been parted, and does not cause as much indignation as before.

The service network has good development. The supply of spare parts was established for the repair, and there were no difficulties with this.

More expensive models, prices for Chevrolet Niva

In addition to the mass release of Chevrolet Niva, the production of luxury models that cost more, but the quality of the individual assembly above. In addition, they have heated seats, cast wheels, tinted glasses and other elements of luxury for especially wishing. GM-Avtovaz subsidiaries, in agreement with specialists of the head enterprise, established the release of the Niva-Trophy model and SUVs for individual customer orders.

Currently, SUVs manufactured on the basis of the Niva glorious car have become much more reliable, less often need to be repaired, have sufficient comfort and show some of the best indicators for models of this price level when driving in the harsh conditions of our off -road.

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