In Russia, it is planned to open the production of GAC cars

The management of the Chinese car manufacturer GAC is the ability to open its own factory for the production of cars in one of the Russian regions. It can be added that this car concern does not scare existing problems in the automotive sector of the Russian Federation. In addition, investors from China normally perceive the unstable position of the Russian ruble in relation to the main world currencies.

As the head of the GAC company at Song noted, during the crisis, new opportunities for doing business are often opened. And at a time when stability in the economy occurs, there may no longer be such chances.

There is a chance that the final decision on the issue of creating its own plant will be made during 2015. According to preliminary plans, the volume of production of new cars of the Chinese company GAC at the planned factory in Russia can reach 50 thousand. cars.

You can add that new machines may be assembled from ready -made machine tools. Auto parts for such cars will not be difficult to purchase at all. It is possible that you will find them in the automotive center “Exclusive”. According to experts, more accurate information about the planned opening project will appear after the official visit of the delegation from China. This visit is scheduled for the spring of 2015.

Earlier there were proposals regarding the organization of the assembly of cars at the DerWays enterprise, which is located in Cherkessk. While the official response about the possible assembly on the DerWays conveyor from the GAC management has not been received.

It can be added that last year several Chinese automakers reported the desire to create their production in the regions of the Russian Federation. Among these companies were both Lifan and Great Wall.

It is important to note that GAC, in addition to opening production in Russia, is also actively studying the possibility of entering the US market with its models. Previously, cars produced at GAC factories were shown at the Detroit car dealership. In particular, American motorists presented a small SUV GS4 Trumpchi. This car can be equipped with turbocharged engines with a volume of 1.3 so 1.5 liters.

According to experts, the prospects for increasing sales of Chinese GAC models in the Russian market are much better than in American. This is due to the fact that in the United States competition among automakers is much higher than in Russia.

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