In Russia, they will return to the processing of the processing program for old cars.

In Russia, they will return to the processing of the processing program for old cars

The Russian Federation will again begin to actively use the program for the disposal of unnecessary road transport.

Experts consider the main reason for the resumption of the program that the reduction in the Russian automotive market of cars of the domestic brand, as the volume of their production is reduced.

The circle of people among the highest ranks in the country interested in the program is gradually growing. The Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Valery Shevtsov reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the disposal process can significantly raise the bar of the number of Russian -made cars. The Ministry of Industry and Trade also supports the introduction of processing an outlined car.

Experts are not so optimistic about their opinions about the introduction of the program. They believe that the activities of the recycling project will be carried out only in large cities of cars, such as Moscow, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhny Novgorod and others. Experts expressed the opinion that disposal will concern not only individuals, but also legal. It is possible that the program will be based on the processing of an obsolete fleet of various enterprises.

Leaders of leading automobile plants in the country with both hands “for” the introduction of the program. The elimination of old cars will raise the demand for domestic brand, which means that the Russian Federation will receive a number of advantages: the growth of the economy and demand for vehicles, the transportation of passengers and goods will become safer, moreover, new cars will carry out less environmental harm to the environment. This opinion was expressed by the leadership of the company “GAZ” with which almost all car manufacturers of the country are jointly jointly.

Before that, the recycling program was introduced in March 2010 and lasted only a year and a half. The owners of used cars, sending their “steel horse” for disposal, received a discount to purchase a new car. From the report provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, over a year and a half of the program, more than half a million “passengers” were sold, which ultimately reanimate the automotive industry of the Russian Federation.

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