In the near future, “smart” tires will be created.

In the near future, “smart” tires will be created

German scientists at one of the universities of the city of Leipzig are developing a new car industry – “intellectual” tires. Their “intellectuality” lies in the fact that they themselves will be able to adapt to the change of weather conditions. For the first time, the public presented the prototype of a “smart” tire at an industrial fair, which takes place these days in German Hannover. This information was published by AFP.

“Intellectual” tires are equipped with special sensors that can determine both different road surface (asphalt, soil) and weather conditions (snow, rain). And depending on the current situation, the “smart” tire itself chooses the necessary protector and profile. She performs this operation even in motion.

Detlef Rimer, head of this project, said that this is a rather promising development. Indeed, with the invention of “intellectual tires”, the owner of the car will not have to think about the selection and change of rubber – the ego tires will always meet the requirements of the road environment. Also, he does not need to worry about increased fuel consumption or excessive noise of tires – these parameters will also be adjusted automatically.

At this time, at the University of Applied Sciences, a group of scientists work selflessly in order to implement this project of the “future”. But when the “smart” tires will be launched into the conveyor so far hard, the developers themselves do not call a particular date.

Recall that the Germans are not the first to develop in the field of “intellectual” tires. Earlier, Pirelli, which proposed to equip tires with electronic chips, which will be able to determine the road environment (the condition of the road surface, its temperature, etc.D.). Based on these data, the car computer will change the corresponding settings of the electronics of the machine, or will inform the driver about the danger.

Also, the development of such tires was engaged in American scientists. At the University of Pardyu, tires were created that independently detect reduced pressure, punctures, cuts, unbalancing, factory defects and other wheel malfunctions. These tires were also different in that they were able to warn the driver even about those breakdowns of the wheel that only had to happen.

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