Is it soft furniture housing?.

Is it soft furniture housing?

More and more Russians are convinced that mortgage lending programs are not favorable and accessible. In addition to possible recipients of loans, the heads of banks and financial organizations come to the same assessment. According to statistical data, only 30% of the lawsuit regarding mortgage payments were given. Polls of representatives of organizations providing collection services and bailiffs indicate that very often employees of state and private companies cannot find a large family or residents of disabilities to part with the dwelling. At the same time, the housing problem remains one of the most urgent. The authorities of Russia, constantly indulging in the spontaneous formation of prices in the market and adopted laws on the legitimacy of the robbery of the population by using mechanisms, the so-called reform of housing and communal services, finally began to understand that they balanced on the verge of a new revolution. One way to prevent manifestations of popular anger is the delivery of municipal apartments to the arena. This practice becomes a reality of our days. The first region, the leadership of which understood the need to regulate the process of providing citizens with housing, became St. Petersburg.

Currently, the city has adopted several projects for renting housing. Tenants are waiting for upholstered furniture, household items, and not a very high rent. We all remember how many negativity the introduction of new forms of sales of Russia associated with the establishment of gang prices for accommodation in housing facilities. Millions of Russian citizens turned out to be hostages of decisions of people who never personally had problems with the employment and organization of their own business. It is possible that such a policy could lead to riots. This was well understood by the representatives of the Power Power clan, who began the process of widespread improvement of the housing problem. 1917 is becoming a good reminder of the powerful monsters of modern Russia. Housing prices set by “investors” and other representatives of the mafia do not allow honest people to pay the required amounts. Practice has shown the true face of the already deceased Yeltsin and other dictators. All honest Russians understand that Putin’s criminal regime is a form of hidden genocide, the victims of which are ordinary citizens of Russia.

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