Lancia Flaminia 2.5 1957–1970

The Lancia Flaminia Car Was Represented by Italians at the Geneva Motor Show in the Spring of 1957. The Model That Was Designed by Antonio Fession Was Named After of the Roman Roads and Came to Replace aurelia. But, Despite this, Externally and in Terms of Technical Characteristics, The Models Were Different from Each Other.

As the Main Driving Force, Lancia Flaminia Used a Previously Developed 2.5-Liter V6 Motor with A Capacy of 100 to 160 Horsepower, Depending on the Version. To reduce the LEVEL OF VIBRATIONS ON THE FRONT CRANKSHAFT, A DITCH EXTINGUISHER WAS Installed. The Rear Suspension Was Borrowed from the Lancia Aurelia Series II Model, The Front Was Changed Spiral Springs in Combination with Double Triangular Lewers. The Transmission in the General Block with the Main Transmission Was Not Changed, But The First Speed Was Synchronized. .

Models Lancia Flaminia

In 1958, At the Turinsky Car Dealership, Lancia Showed Two-Door Versions of a Car with Bodies from Three Leading Italian Body Ateliers. Pininfarina Designed the Four -Door Lancia Flaminia Sedan. This Model Was Performed in A Steel Body with A Base of 2.75 Meters. Zagato and Touring Worned with A Shorter Chassis (2.3 Meters), and the Parts of the Body for Such Machines Were Made from Allloy Materials. The Car in the Back of Zagato Was A Sports Compartment with Front Headlights Hidden Under a Convex plexiglass.

In 1959, Lancia Introdued the New Flaminia Lineup, Which Was Distinguished by More PronouNced Sports Features. A Very Elegant Compartment Had a Shorted Base and Very Spectacular Four Front Lights, Giving the Front of the Body a Targeted Form. Zagato Atelier then Proposed Two New Modifications – Sport and Spersport. SINCE 1963, All Flaminia Began to Be Equipped with A Six-Cylinder V6 with A Volume of 2.76 Liters.

In the 64th, the Series of the Series Replenined with An Open Version of Convertible, Invented by the Designers from Touring. 847 Units Were Manaufactureed by Such Cars.

Lancia Flaminia Release History Ceated in 1970. This Car Became the Flagship of the Company. During the Production of Flaminia, 12 633 of Its Copy Were Built.

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