Local Body Repair of a Car

There are a lot of reasons who the local repair of the car brudy may be read in a particular place. IF YOU Do not Talk ABOUT Too Serious Damage, When The Car Cannot Even Go, The Bule of Simple Defects Are Usually Perceved as ansignificant and None -PRIMARY. BUT HERE YOUNED To REMEMBER that is not only A “Picture”, it is responsight for Beth The Aesthetic and the Functional Side. .

All Damage Can BE Divided Into Three Categories:

– Varnish Defects;

– corrosion destructions;

– Mechanical Damage.

Restoration of Body Appeairance

This Category is Aesthetic and Includes The Procedures Necessary to Eliminate Violations of the Paintwork Layer. Small Scratches Without Combustion of Metal, Bloating, Peeling Paint – All this doz not give Attraactivence to the Car and Can Serior of the Owner of the Owner. Untimely “Treatment” of Minor Damage from ABOVE CAN LEAD To PROBLEMS DEEPER, And the FIRST CATEGORY Will GO TO Second. Solution and the Techniques Used – Polishing, Local Or General Painting.

Removal of Corrosion

This Category is Consedered QUITE Complicated, SINCE IT Will BE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get the RUD, IT Appeared and “Took Root”. ToMetimes with Negligent Owners it Reaches Such a state that is easier to replace the part than carry out any reconstruction work.

Body Repair of a Car From this Category is Best Carrried Outer in the Workshop, Or with the Advice of an Experienced Master. Remember that in the Process of Recovery Its Important Not to Miss Whites More Dangerous Violations, To Make Sure That Are No Violations and Deep Defects of the Metal.

Body Repair

After Mechanical Damage, Repair of Varying Degrees of Complexity May Be Needed. IT Can BE A Dent Without Painting, and Complex Process with Riht, Stretching and Polishing. IF the Paintwork is not Violated On the Site, The Its Better to Make Local Using Modern Technology, That is, Withouse. SO Its Will Turn Out to Save Decently On the Finish Staining of the Part.

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