Lotus Exige S will receive an automatic box

Soon the famous Lotus automaker is going to sell the Exige S model both in the body of the compartment and in the body of the Roadster with the box automatically. The new version of the automatic transmission can be an alternative to the previously installed manual gearbox. To date, a car manufacturer from the UK is completing testing a new version of his popular sports car.

According to experts, the new gearbox will have two functioning modes: Sport and Race. These operating modes will optimize the functioning of the transmission depending on the desired driving style. It can be added that the gears in the new version of the gearbox can be switched using the steering wheel petals.

It is important to note that the Lotus Exige S model is equipped with a six -cylinder engine with a volume of 3.5 liters produced by the Japanese company Toyota. This motor can provide a power of 350 liters.With. The automatic box will allow the British sports car to gain speed of 100 km/h during 3.9 seconds, which is better than 0.1 seconds than the version of this machine with a mechanical variant of the transmission. The highest speed model Lotus Exige S is limited by 274 km/h value.

It is important to draw attention to the fact that in the British car market, Rogster and the Lotus Exige S compartment with an automatic gearbox can be sold at a price of 57.5 and 56.5 thousand. pounds sterling, which in terms of 91.2 and 90.5 thousand. Doll. These prices for 2 thousand. pounds higher than for a model with mechanical transmission. Even for the ransom of such a model on / you can help out a lot of money.

It can be added that recently the Lotus automaker showed a special version of the Exige S – LF1 model. This special modification will be released in the amount of 81 cars. According to plans, each of the cars belonging to a special version of sports cars will be dedicated to Lotus racing cars that won the races of Formula 1 from the 60s of the XX century to 2013.

There is a chance that due to the best dynamic characteristics, a new sports car with an automatic transmission will be in great demand among customers, both in the UK and other countries of the world.

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