Membranes, valves, diaphragms for automobile engines from a reliable company

Engine ventilation should provide an influx of cooler air to reduce heating of the power plant. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the ingress of oil particles, fuel and other substances. For this purpose, special membranes are used. You should find out more information about their features and selection on .

Features of the offer

The Kiev company “Klifex” offers membranes, valves, diaphragms for automobile engines. The website contains parts for different car models. Among the main groups of goods are:

  1. Valve membranes responsible for forced ventilation of the engine. It is responsible for regulating crankcase pressure and preventing oil particles from entering.
  2. The valve responsible for gas recirculation is designated by the abbreviation EGR. It is an important part of the exhaust system, controls emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and regulates the return of some gases back to the engine.
  3. The oil separator valve holds motor fluid inside the engine, maintains its required level, and separates gases that are released into the atmosphere through ventilation.

It is proposed to purchase an oil separator diaphragm for car for a wide variety of car brands.

To choose the most optimal option suitable for a specific machine, you should go to the product page, where there are photographs, all technical parameters of spare parts are indicated, and the use case is described. The car models and years of manufacture for which this part is suitable are indicated.


In most cases, car manufacturers offer valves and membranes as assembled repair kits when the cost of all parts is high. This is due to the fact that the consumer is asked to pay for the entire set, which may turn out to be unnecessary. On the store’s website, such products can be purchased separately, which will be significantly cheaper and more profitable.

The quality of the original spare parts and those offered by Klifex is quite comparable, the service life and withstand loads are almost identical.

If you purchase complete repair kits, they will also be cheaper than the original ones, while maintaining the full functionality and reliability of the products. The website offers many options to choose from, which allows the consumer to take into account their financial potential and purchase the most optimal product.

Distribution of goods is carried out to all populated areas of the country; you can pay with bank cards or cryptocurrency.

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