MG MGC 1967-1969

The first car MG MGC, better known under the name Ado52, debuted in 1967. It was planned that a model with a powerful engine under the hood and a number of completely new design solutions will be able to occupy its niche on the market, but the company’s hopes did not materialize. MGC production lasted only two years. Nevertheless, in this short time, the car concerns managed to release 9321 Mgc.

MGC cars were available in two -door bodies Roadster and compartment. Initially, under the hood of both modifications, an opposition six -cylinder installation of 2.9 liters was placed, capable of developing 140 horsepower at 5250 revolutions per minute. In the future, the engine had to endure a rather serious modification, which demanded a number of changes in the design of both the motor compartment and the bottom of the body.

Apdet MG MGC

Telescopic shock absorbers, torsion suspension and disc brakes were mounted on updated MGC cars. The role of driving force was assigned not familiar to such cars of those years «Four», And the prestigious six -cylinder unit borrowed from Austin Healey 3000. This 3-liter motor, interacting depending on the car model, is either a four-position checkpoint with an overdride, or with a three-speed «automatically», had two carburetors and could develop up to 145 horsepower. Although for MG MGC he turned out to be too heavy and seriously worsened the weight of the MGB model, and the car itself was not distinguished by impeccable controllability, it became like enthusiasts to their liking. First of all, by the fact that he allowed the models to accelerate to the magic for those years of 193 km/h. To accelerate up to 100 km/h, MG MGC took 10 seconds.

In addition to an excessively heavy unit that violated the optimal balance, the car had another significant drawback: the latest, which did not have time to pass all proper tests of the suspension. When the company launched mass production of the machine, a large number of problems arose with it, which in turn provoked a flurry of critics of automobile media and ordinary motorists. By the 1968th year, the shortcomings associated with the suspension were corrected, but the depressing opinion of customers about MG MGC could not change. As a result, a year later, in the 1969th year, the assembly of the car was stopped behind its unclaimed. Today, MG MGC is an extremely rare copy, and therefore is very appreciated by collectors.

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