Porsche – Always in Step with the Times

History of Porsche Began with the 30s of the Twentieta Century. Originally it was Just a Project Base Volkswagen (Beetle), Production of Which Was Interruption of the Second World War in 1939. ITS Founder Ferdinand Porsche Exiled to France After The War, But His Son Ferdinand Jr. Continbed HIS Work. The First Model Was the Porsche 356, and Althrow It Was A Sports Car, IT Only Had 50 Horsepower. PEOPLE Began to Pay Attend to this Brand, and During the Next 5 Years, ABOUT 80 Thousand Cars Were Sold. That Ferdinand Porsche Jr. Begins in 1963 to Develop The Porsche 911 with A Huge Output of 911 Horsepower. This PowerFul Sports Car Has Captured the Hearts of Collectors and the Rich. THE, The World Saw Such Models as the Porsche 924 And Porsche 928, The Second Became the Car of the Year in 1978, and the First Economical Sports Car in Eumip. The Cars Start Participating in International Races and Win Prizes.

The Advantage of Porsche Over Overs is that Each Car Has The Hand of A Designer. All Details, Right Down To the Door Handles, Are the Though out with The Customer. In Europe it is on a par with Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi and Jaguar. Management Has Invested Huge Sums in the Development of New Technologies and It Brings The Expected Result.

One of the biggest sensations was the Porsche Carrera. Its An Elegant But PowerFul Sports Car. IT HAD Excellent Drivability and High Top Speed: 10 Seconds To 200 KM/H. And for Fans of Luxury Was Creed Porsche Cayenne with Different Finishes and Additions.

Today, Porsche Has Three Affiliated Companies. It has acquired a lot of factors and realtors. Buyers from All Countries Stood in Line to Get Their Hands on the Long-AwAted Car. CARS OF THE BRAND HAVE BECOME IDOLS AND TRENDSETTERS in the FELD of MECHANICAL Engineering. Under Its Aegis Are Held Numerous Competitions and Races. The Concern Began to Produce Not Cars, But Also Other Machinery and Equipment. EVEN OVERALLS HAVE A HIGHER STATUS THE PLAIN CLOTES. And Fans of the Brand Can Buy Porsche Baseball Caps and Other Clothing.

Many Car Dealerships Dream of Shows with New Models of this Brand. And Despite The Current Environmental Conditions, Porsche is Fighting for its Power with Hybrid PowerTrains, Which Arean Clean But Alsoi Economical. That’s How Big Companies Emerge from a Small Idea.

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