Porsche Cayenne turned into supercar.

Porsche Cayenne turned into supercar

While such companies as Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes and others are preparing their premieres and updates to Detroit Auto Show, to the British company Eterniti Motors, which is far from far away from the April April Motor Show, which is far from far away from the April car dealership. motorists, promises to present their own ambitious projects.

Eterniti Motors has already managed to show itself on the Auto Show in Frankfurt. Then Alistair McQueen, the chief editor of the new brand, called the concept of the first car “M5 in the back of the crossover”. It should be said that for a little known company, the statement is quite bold. Then these words belonged to the concept of Hemera.

The base for the model was the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S car platform, so the view of Eterniti Hemera is very similar to it. Throwing a first glance at the car, we can conclude that this is an ordinary tuning. However, not everything is as simple as it seems.

The company, which includes 12 people, has chosen Cayenne as a platform. The reason for this is that such a basis is the best of the wide platforms in the list of now available for crossovers. For the concept of Hemera, the settings of handling and chassis were modified, the interior was redone, and carbon was widely used in work.

To ensure great room and comfort to passengers, the rear seats moved back 120 millimeters. But since the wheelbase did not undergo any changes, the trunk turned out to be a victim.

And now Eterniti Motors is being prepared by the serial version of “M5 among crossovers”, which will be presented at the Beijing April in April next year. The reasons seem obvious: the fallen for everything luminous with brightness, as well as on everything powerful and unusual, China, is considered by Londoners as the main market. However, it should be said that there is practically no doubt that the Russian market will also accept this novelty “with a bang”.

Eterniti Motors already has an approximate production plan: the company is going to produce 80 cars in 2012, in 2013 – 150 cars, and in 2014 – 200 cars.

And on the crossover generated from Cayenne, the new automaker from the UK is not going to stop. The company’s intentions were known to develop another crossover, as well as the development of a supercar. The first sketches of future cars are already available.

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